Pulse Power: Vol 2

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Booklets & Downloads

Discover our latest recipe booklet full of NEW wholesome recipes using our plant-based protein and fibre rich range of dried pulses.

Looking for plant-based recipes? Download our Pulse Power booklet and unlock the nutritional power of McKenzie's range of dried pulses. Featuring soups, salads, curries and more, you are sure to find new everyday recipes for your household.  

Our latest recipe booklet celebrates our iconic dried coconut range with sweet recipes that are sure to impress. Using a combination of our classic fine desiccated coconut, shredded coconut, moist flaked coconut or shaved coconut, this recipe collection has something new for every occasion.

Download our Flour Power booklet and explore the possibilities of alternative flours. You’ll taste the difference instantly. They’re wholesome, some are packed with fibre and protein, and they are a great way to add vitality to your baking.

Generations of Australians have relied on McKenzie's Bi-Carb Soda for cooking, cleaning and deodorising.  This popular booklet contains 160 tips on how to use Bi-Carb around the kitchen, laundry, outdoors, in the bathroom, for health and beauty and many other general household uses. Best of all, you can be confident you are using a non-toxic product that's kind to the environment, your family and your budget!

We have pulled together all of our favourite classic winter recipes using McKenzie's pulses.  From Pea and Ham Soup through to Lamb & Barley Soup, you are going to fall in love with this warming and family-friendly recipe collection. Enjoy!

At McKenzie's, we uphold an "Australian-grown" policy, only importing legumes that are either not grown in commercial quantities here or where poor seasons reduce local supplies. We have been working with the same local Australian farmers for decades. Not only are legumes packed with nutrients, they are also easier to prepare and more versatile than people realise. Legumes can be used in anything from soups to desserts, main meals to finger foods, savoury or sweet dishes! Here are our favourite legume recipes from our kitchen to yours!

At McKenzie's, we have built our expertise in home baking for over five generations. Our range of quality baking products are based on original and reliable formulations to help you bake at your best. We hope that you and your family enjoy baking and sharing these recipes as much as we have enjoyed developing them. Here are our favourite baking recipes from our kitchen to yours!

What better way to warm up and catch up with loved ones than with an Indian feast? Cook you own Indian feast at home with these banquet suggestions using recipes from this booklet. The suggested menus are guaranteed to spice things up and delight your guests or family with a spread full of colour, love and flavour.