About McKenzie’s


At McKenzie’s Foods, we are passionate about providing essential ingredients to create precious food memories to savour with family and friends. As the world moves faster, there’s pleasure to be found in simple and delicious home cooking, where food is made from scratch and with love.

Stock the perfect pantry with McKenzie’s, an Australian-owned company trusted by generations. There’s really nothing better than
adding McKenzie’s goodness to your cooking, whether you’re baking, whipping up the evening meal or adding spice to a favourite dish.

We’ve been doing it every day – for your everyday– since 1852.


Our Story so far


1852- William Galt and James F. McKenzie established Melbourne Grinding and Roasting Mills at 35 Lygon Street Carlton. The site is now an RMIT University building.

1857- William Galt retired and James changed the company name to James F. McKenzie & Co, establishing the McKenzie’s name that proudly remains today.

1872- The business expanded into peas, meal, mustard, maize meal, groats and cocoa.

1915- James F. McKenzie & Co became a public company known as James F. McKenzie Pty Ltd and moved to 348 Flinders Street. The site is now a high-rise commercial tower.

1967- The Ward family acquired James F. McKenzie Pty Ltd and the new entity commenced trading as Ward McKenzie Pty Ltd.

1977- Ward McKenzie moved to a new and larger Altona plant, where it still operates to this very day.

2012- The first McKenzie’s baking recipe book – Homemade Baking – was published, with a print run of 50,000 copies. Due to popular demand, the print run was tripled.

2015- A move to digital recipe books (eBooks) brought the McKenzie’s brand into the 21st century. This enabled production of more recipe books than ever before and to date there have been almost 1 million downloads of McKenzie’s eBooks.

2022- McKenzie’s celebrates 170 years of operating in Melbourne, Australia. One of the oldest family-run food manufacturers, the company has been stocking Australian pantries for generations.



Our Food Safety & Quality Promise


At McKenzie’s Foods, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality products and food safety.

HACCP regulated systems underpins all of our operations and we are also certified to the following food safety standards:

SQF (Safe Quality Food) – Widely recognised as the complete yardstick for quality and safety.

DAWR (Department of Agriculture and Water Resources) – Ensuring all off-shore ingredients meet thorough and stringent controls.


Our Environmental & Sustainability Initiatives


At McKenzie’s Foods, we are committed towards our responsibility to address the environmental impact of soft plastics.

For McKenzie’s Foods products using soft plastics, we continue our investigation into options that drive sustainable solutions through replacement, reduction and reuse, while ensuring product safety, integrity and functionality are maintained.

As a member of the Australian Packaging Covenant, we are actively working with industry-partners and government agencies to investigate these sustainable solutions through innovative technologies, alternate materials, recycling streams and repurpose schemes.

Some local councils across Australia are establishing schemes to utilise the existing kerbside recycling streams to repurpose soft plastics. We encourage you to contact your local council to enquire about these.

Supermarket groups, in many Australian regions, have designated collection bins for soft plastics. We encourage you to locate a participating supermarket within your region.

McKenzie’s Foods are a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant.


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