McKenzie's Pepper & Lemon Seasoning 300g

McKenzie’s Pepper and Lemon Seasoning is the perfect blend of  Australian Sea Salt, Black & Red Peppers and Lemon Peel for a versatile flavour that is suitable on almost any savoury dish!

McKenzie's Pepper & Chilli Seasoning 200g

McKenzie’s Pepper and Chilli Seasoning is the perfect blend of Whole Black Peppercorns and Chilli Flakes for those wanting to add a hot & spicy flare to their home cooking. Use it as a seasoning to enhance any meal.

McKenzie's Oat Flour 250g

McKenzie’s Oat Flour is a delicious and healthy alternative to wheat flour. This hearty flour adds a healthy twist and earthy, toasted flavours to your baking. It boosts your protein and fibre intake too.